Pappaya EDU CRM


Pappaya EDU CRM

The Pappaya CRM solution provides your enterprise with the ability to connect all the key and integral person as in your organisation together through a single portal enabling them to input, inform, exchange and manage the key aspects and intricacies of their educational life.

It is built on the principle that each client has a unique set of CRM needs. It is a framework-based product, comprising a core set of CRM functionality. It is agile, having the flexibility to add new modules to customize it to the specific client requirements. It is very secure with three layers of firewall protection. It is a highly available AWS cloud hosted solution. It is able to deliver 100% of the client’s CRM requirements. It has the most competitive rates of any CRM provider.

According to the institution's needs and requirements, Pappaya Ed provides complete end-to-end solutions.

Complete Campus Automation Solution for Schools, Colleges and Institutes. Complete CRM Package and 24X7 Support.

Pappaya Ed is a highly customizable ERP that offers a complete end to end solution for an institution according to their needs and requirements.


Pappaya is an educational management CRM that provides a robust, scalable and secure solution to schools, colleges, and educational institutions. Cloud-hosted solution secured under AWS. Proves to be the best for all types of institutions with features like chat Bot, VR, AI, and Beacon!

To build a world-class CRM product that provides a robust, scalable and secure solution to forward-thinking educational institutions around the globe. Our aim is to deliver great outcomes for our clients at very affordable prices that will drive competitive advantage for them in the market.

According to the Institutions needs and requirements, Pappaya Ed provides a complete end-to-end solutions i.e it helps from Pre-admission to Post-certification and even further also, which is highly Customizable ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).Pappaya is an EDUCATIONAL MANAGEMENT CRM (Customer Relationship Management). It Automizes the complete campus.

Pappaya Ed is mainly useful for Financial Assistance for the Management like Fee Reminder, Online Fee Payments, Pay Rolls of Staff and other services. It also analysis the Performance of the Students, Attendance. This software has a facility to track the list of books in the Library and send alerts to Librarian and Students.It keeps a count of the Library stock. Analysis of Stationery stock.This software supports 38 Languages & 37 Modules.

Along with the login details we provide the 2 cards to each Individual:

1.NFC CARD-Attendance is based on NFC.

2.RFID CARD-It tracks the Students Moments in and around of 30 meters Radius.

Teachers can prepare Academic Time-Table for a Year in ONE GO. Can view the daily activities of the Students. Biometric facility for the Teachers. They can pre-design or customize the Syllabus in the app.

They can also keep a tab on the students with poor skills to encourage them.

Parents can monitor their kid's progress at the School or colleges, they can keep a tab on their kids activities. Online PTM’s (Parent-Teachers-Meeting) can be attended. Can also track their kid's transport location from Pick up point to Drop point. 24/7 the ChatBot is available for any School queries if the robot doesn't know the answer it contacts the concerned person to get the answer.

It is in other words known as Navigation Tool, which directs or helps the new students or the parents a tour of the campus or the premises to reach the destination.It is an Intelligence displayed by the Machines, in contrast with the Natural Intelligence. VR (Virtual Reality) students can feel the Virtual presence in the subject or concept, which gives the visions of a 3D image. Minimum packs of 100.

REQUIRED HARDWARE: Available through Happy Sales.